Frequently Asked Questions – Child Support

Frequently Asked Questions – Child Support              How is it calculated? Child support is determined based on a percentage applied to the obligor’s monthly net resources. A person’s “resources” are more than just a paycheck. It can include, tips, bonuses, royalty incomes, rental incomes, and just about any income actually being received by a…

Child-Related Issues to Consider When Getting Divorced or Modifying your Parenting Plan

Below you will find a few checklists for issues to discuss with your co-parent or attorney when you are reviewing your divorce decree or parenting plan. Decision Making & Communication for the Children: Medical treatment & emergencies Psychological or psychiatric treatment Educational plans / progress Childcare plans Extracurricular activities Religious training Travel plans and passports…

A married couple can separate without going to court or filing any particular paperwork. This does not, however, effectuate a legal divorce. A person remains married until a judge officially grants the divorce in court. A legal divorce also requires filing at least some preliminary paperwork with the court in order for the judge to grant the divorce.

The distinction between divorce and separation are crucial to understand if you are thinking about getting divorced. Even if a couple is no longer in a romantic relationship, all of the property they accumulate during the separation period is still categorized as part of the community unless it can be clearly proved otherwise. This means that the property will be subject to division at divorce.

The potential consequences can be incredibly disappointing. Think about how much you may contribute to your retirement accounts during that period of time, or if you purchased a new vehicle. All of that—and anything else you obtain—are part of the “community pot” and would be split up between you and your spouse.  So, while separating may be easier or less expensive in the short term, filing for divorce may protect your assets in the long term.

If Angelina Jolie Had Filed In Texas

If Angelina Jolie Had Filed In Texas

Reports of Angeline Jolie’s divorce filings indicate that she is seeking to prevent Brad Pitt from having joint physical custody of their 6 children, citing alleged substance abuse and anger issues. Is this possible in Texas? Here, the law provides a presumption that parents sharing joint custody (or joint managing conservatorship, to be more specific)…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! School is back in the swing of things, and hopefully your kiddos are already gushing about their new teachers, friends, and activities. The start of the school year also brings a flurry of new information, responsibilities, and activities for kids and parents. For divorced or separated parents, it is especially imperative to focus on co-parenting and communication from the get-go. Here are a few helpful points to consider in order to facilitate positive co-parenting and effective communication.

  1. Review your parenting plan or possession order. Your divorce decree or custody order contains the nitty-gritty of each parent’s duties, rights, and responsibilities. It will specifically lay out how each parent may make decisions regarding their child’s education and how they may be involved in their schooling. A quick review of this section of your order will help alleviate any misunderstandings that can cause serious issues between parents.
  1. Discuss and map out the plan for school or extracurricular activities.This may also be outlined in your possession order. Some orders specify who may sign up kids for school-related or extracurricular activities and who pays for what. Set up a conference with your other parent to discuss what the child is interested in this year, what the expectations are, how far practices and games are, the fees and costs associated, and any other requirements or concerns for these activities.
  1. Communicate about school assignments. Most parents will both have possession of their children during the school week.Therefore, make sure that each parent reviews the child’s school assignments and any upcoming tests or quizzes so that your child is prepared. If the other parent asks a question about an assignment, exhibit a little grace in your response. Nobody is perfect, and ultimately you are helping your child succeed.


Finally, consider how you present yourself to your child’s teachers. Teachers in the present day frequently deal with divorced and blended families, and it can certainly turn into a high conflict situation when parents don’t communicate with the school and each other. Aim to be the cooperative and inclusive parent. It makes it easier on the teachers, and it provides a better school experience for your child.


Have a happy and successful school year!