Dog Attack Leaves Victim on Life Support

Barking dog ready to attack

Dog Attack Leaves Grandfather on Life Support Some time ago, a Houston area man, Loren Maxey, went out to pick up his mail, his neighbor’s dog raced towards him and bit his calf. The injury occurred right near a bus stop where children. When the victim went home, his bite had become infected resulting in […]

Houston Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyer

Damaged vehicle

Have you been involved in a hit and run car accident? If you are a Houston hit and run car accident victim, contact the Pinkerton Law Firm today. Once all of the anger subsides, a hit and run car accident victim needs to call a law firm who will fight for compensation for their injuries. […]

Personal Injury – Negotiations and Settlement

Person signing documents

Most personal injury cases don’t go to trial. The reason is that the negotiations process is usually likely to end with a settlement before court going to court becomes necessary. This is not always the situation however, because all cases are different and vary in complexity. During negotiations, the two opposing sides will state their […]

Personal Injury – Liability

Doctor looking at x-ray

Determining fault in personal injury cases, known as ‘liability’ for legal purposes, is an extremely important and sometimes complicated part of the process. Before you can truly show that a party is responsible for an accident and must pay to compensate injuries, factual evidence must be provided to determine who is legally at fault. Liability […]

Personal Injury Law – Assumption of the Risk

Person in a wheelchair with ankle injury

Assumption of the risk is a legal term in the law of torts which refers to a defense to either prevent or reduce a plaintiff’s right of recovery in a lawsuit. This defense may become an issue in some personal injury cases, and could significantly impact your ability to recover money. To prove assumption of […]

Lawsuits filed in Fatal Train Derailment Case

Derailed train accident

On May 12, 2015, a train operated by Amtrak derailed in Pennsylvania, resulting in 8 deaths and hundreds of injuries. Investigators determined the accident occurred when the train suddenly accelerated to 106 miles per hour, twice the legal speed limit, before attempting to navigate a sharp turn. Lawsuits filed by four of the victims allege […]


Doctor stethoscope

Have you or a loved one been prescribed the antipsychotic drug Risperdal? The Pinkerton Law Firm is currently pursuing lawsuits on behalf of young boys who have developed male breast tissue, which is alleged to have resulted from their use Risperdal. Pharmaceutical companies have a duty to adequately warn of the risks associated with the […]