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Chad Pinkerton has held the responsible parties accountable in some of the worst explosion accidents in history, and he will do the same for you.

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The last thing you need to worry about is how you’ll pay for legal representation when you’re trying to recover from a serious explosion accident or grieving a loved one.

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You will rest easy knowing you’ve hired an attorney who has a long, successful history of standing up to the most powerful companies in the world.

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Pinkerton Law Firm has held the negligent parties accountable in some of the worst explosion accidents in history, and he will do the same for you.


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If you have been seriously injured, burned, dismembered or your loved one killed in an explosion, you must seek legal representation from an experienced lawyer like Chad Pinkerton immediately. Don’t sign anything, even if they promise to cover your medical bills and continue to pay your wages. The owner/operator’s legal team or insurance carrier will do everything in their power to limit your financial recovery and stop you from seeking representation from an experienced explosion accident lawyer. They are in the business of making money and minimizing financial liability. Call Chad Pinkerton immediately to learn your rights.


These devastating accidents are preventable. Company owners and operators have a duty to safeguard their employees, but often fail to meet their responsibility of ensuring OSHA compliance, certifications, regulations and routine maintenance are all up to date.

The cause of action for these accidents is usually based in negligence.

The financial compensation resulting from these accidents not only establishes a more stable financial future for the injured and their loved ones, but assures that the company will comply with future safety practices and patterns.

Financial recovery can include past, present and future medical bills. Other potential areas of compensation, depending on the facts of the situation, are mental pain and suffering damages, lost past and future wages, permanent impairment/disfigurement, punitive damages, wrongful death damages and loss of enjoyment of life.


Chad Pinkerton has a long, successful history of handling cases against major companies around the United States. He has the experience, knowledge, and resources to stand up to the most powerful companies in the world.

The Explosion Trauma

Explosions wreak serious injury on victims. Blast injuries can result from mining and industrial explosions, gas leaks in the home, combat or terrorist attacks. Explosions are not limited to military or terror situations. Work environments that deal in flammable or explosive substances pose high risk for blast injury every day. Blast injuries can occur with the detonation of high-order explosives (HE), explosives that produce a supersonic over-pressurization shock wave, as well as low order explosives (LE) that produce a subsonic explosion with no over-pressurization wave. Blast injuries are compounded when the explosion takes place in a confined space.

What Explosion Lawyers Understand

Because explosion injuries vary widely, specialized legal and medical knowledge is required to help victims to the highest possible degree. As such the choice of a good explosion lawyer is highly important. Explosions cause four main categories of injury:

  • Primary: (caused by the blast wave from the explosion) Primary blast injuries affect human gas-filled tissue, such as lungs, gastrointestinal tract and ear.
  • Secondary: (resulting from flying objects, debris and bomb fragments) Many eye injuries occur that are not evident for weeks or months to come.
  • Tertiary: (caused by high-energy explosions, which propel victims through the air to strike other objects) Common tertiary blast injuries include fractures, traumatic amputation, and open and closed brain injuries.
  • Quaternary: (includes all other explosion-related injuries, illnesses, or diseases) This category also includes exacerbation or complications of existing conditions, including include burn, crush, asthma, angina and Hyperglycemia.

If you or a loved one is the victim of an explosion, you need the help of an experienced, qualified explosion lawyer to help you recover damages from physical and emotional pain, to help you understand the highly-technical aspects of the explosion’s cause and when appropriate, to deal with large corporate legal departments or the complications of multiple claimant groups.

Chad Pinkerton: The Champion Explosion Lawyer

Explosions cause complex, painful injuries, and often death. To obtain a fair settlement for you after an explosion, your explosion lawyer will need to handle insurance companies and their attorneys, complex medical and legal issues and, depending on the circumstances of the explosion, large corporations. During the difficult and confusing time that follows any type of explosion, Chad Pinkerton can protect your interests. He has recovered millions of dollars in damages. His background in medicine and expertise in the courtroom ensure that he communicates clearly with insurance agents, stands firm against opposing counsel, and deftly cross-examines experts at trial. Pinkerton explosion lawyers have the knowledge and experience to make the jury care about your pain and suffering and feel empowered to do something about it.

  • $100 Million Settlement for worker injured in premise liability
  • $90 Million Settlement for workers seriously injured in refinery explosion
  • Confidential settlement for family of young father killed on rig explosion near Laredo
  • Confidential settlements for clients related to the Big Spring explosion case


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