Pinkerton Settles $Confidential Gross Negligence Case

Confidential was a Mexican-American worker. He immigrated here in the hopes of a new and better life.

Confidential did not have much. He lived in a small, run-down shack with his wife and 4 children. He worked 7 days a week at 3 different jobs. His widow said, “Confidential was a great man. He was my everything.”

Confidential was working in a warehouse as a daily mechanic. The warehouse had been having electrical issues for years. The electrical issues caused “electrical arcing.” Workers would be working and get shocked out of nowhere.

One day $Confidential was running his electric saw. He was suddenly hit with a volt of electricity that killed him before he hit the ground.

The family sued and settled for an undisclosed $Confidential settlement.

If a worker dies at the hands of his company, he may not bring a claim for simple negligence. That claim is barred by workers’ compensation. But, the worker can bring a claim for gross negligence. That standard is almost impossible.

Digital copy of done case

Gross negligence only cases are near impossible. Forget that, I don’t care. When something so wrong happens, like what happened to Confidential, I must do something. Win or lose, something has to be done.

-Chad Pinkerton

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