Pinkerton Seals The Deal In West Explosion Matter

Deal Struck At $Confidential

When the West explosion happened, every lawyer in the State of Texas was racing to get there to sign up cases. Chad Pinkerton was there volunteering to help in the aftermath.

Then the news came out that the fertilizer plant that blew up and killed 14 people only had $1 million in insurance. Chad Pinkerton stayed. The other lawyers scattered like dust into the wind.

The Pinkerton Law Firm represented over 100 victims. Mr. Pinkerton built a products liability case against the manufacturer based on a theory that had never been litigated in U.S. history.

The manufacturers paid even when they vowed to never pay a “nickel”.

Devastation after explosion

Some of the finest people I have ever known live in West, Texas. West, Texas is Texas. The people of West are strong and stand together—fight together, drink together, raise their children together. They pray in church, cheer at the local high school games, and stand for the National Anthem. That is West, Texas. Those are the people of West, Texas. It was an honor to represent these good folks. I will never forget West, Texas and the people that make it up.
-Chad Pinkerton

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