Piss Pond Port-A-Potty Not Good Enough

Jury Awards $Confidential In Slip-And-Fall Case

Confidential was a contract security guard. The outdoor port-a-potty for female contractors laid downstream from the men’s port-a-potty.

Everyday, Ms. Confidential walked over a grate to her restroom where urine and feces ran by from the men’s restroom.

One day she fell—breaking both of her ankles severely. Laying in urine she called for help. When the property owner arrived, he laughed. When the company medics arrived, they laughed.

Chad Pinkerton tried this case in 2011. The company was not laughing anymore when the jury awarded Ms. Confidential $Confidential.

“Karma is a bitch,” said Chad Pinkerton with a satisfied grin.

Port a potty

Who says you can’t win a slip-and-fall in Texas anymore?

-Chad Pinkerton

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