Port Arthur Oil Spill Case Settled

Toxic Fumes Engulf Residents 2,500 Fought Back

Chad Pinkerton was one of the few lawyers that came to the defense of 2,500 residents that suffered injuries related to the 2008 oil spill in Port Arthur, Texas. “These folks were poisoned, no doubt,” stated Mr. Pinkerton.

“No one wanted to help this community. The people of Port Arthur had endured years of mistreatment by local refining businesses. Enough was enough,” commented Mr. Pinkerton.

After four years of hard fought litigation, Mr. Pinkerton and his firm finally prevailed. His clients received over $Confidential in compensation.

Port Arthur oil spill

Chad Pinkerton and happy clients from the Port Arthur Oil Spill case

Justice usually prevails if you work hard enough and long enough.
-Chad Pinkerton

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