Tanks Go Boom When Over-Pressurized

“It’s Not Rocket Science”

An oil company’s failure to train its employee resulted in Frank Viera’s life forever being changed on April 8, 2014.

On the day in question, Mr. Viera was working as a roustabout. Prior to performing his work, the company began to pressurize a storage tank. Ignoring his safety, the company continued to do so even after he entered the tank.

As over-pressurized tanks tend to do, it exploded. Mr. Viera escaped with his life, but just barely. “How this man lived through that is beyond me. I figure God was watch and it just wasn’t his time,” said Chad Pinkerton.

Chad Pinkerton sued the company. The company crumbled, paying 7-times Mr. Viera’s maximum damage model to avoid being exposed to a jury.


Outdoor high pressure tank

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