The Pinkerton Creed

I have been called an ambulance chasing, scum of the Earth, bottom feeding lawyer.

I listen not.

I have been told my soul is lost and hell awaits me.

I listen not.

I have been threatened.

I fear not.

I have been told I will not succeed.

I fear not.

I do not listen nor am I fearful because I know within my heart that the work that I do is righteous.

In the land of the good, some are called to protect the innocent and fight for the weak. My calling in life is just that. Therefore, I do not hear the blabber of the galactically stupid. Nor do I fear the assaults of the cowardly bullies that use, cheat, and abuse those that cannot fight back.

I fight. I will continue to fight. And, I could give two-shits if anyone likes it or not. I do not seek anyone’s approval. I have the approval of my God, Lord and Savior—Jesus Christ.

That is enough for me.

Chad Pinkerton sitting with a cigar

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