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Waco fertilizer plant explosion from a distance

The West Fertilizer Explosion – Was It Really “Incendiary”?

After 3 years of lab tests, over 400 interviews, and $2 million dollars of taxpayer money, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office announced yesterday that the fire which caused the West Fertilizer Explosion was incendiary, i.e. started on purpose by an individual. Yet, after all the time, money, interviews, and “testing,” the ATF admittedly has no physical evidence to support this theory.

To no surprise, the citizens of West, Texas are skeptical about the conclusion made by the ATF investigators as it lacks hard proof, and merely reopens an old wound by adding the insult of creating suspicion that one of their very own could have caused the fire. The Pinkerton Law Firm has proudly represented individuals from West that lost loved ones as a result of this tragedy, and we stand with the community of West in questioning the ATF’s findings, which has only raised more questions than provided answers.

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