Kuraray America, Inc. Plant Explosion Injury Attorney

Kuraray Flash Fire

Saturday, May 19, 2018 Tragedy strikes the Pasadena Kuraray America Inc, plant with 22 individuals injured due to a preventable flash fire near Houston Texas. The Pasadena Fire Department confirms at least 22 people were injured following the flash fire at the facility. The fire was reported around 10:30 a.m. at Kuraray America, Inc. plant […]

Hurricane Harvey Flood Claims: Know Your Rights

Hurricane Harvey flood rescue team with boat wading through knee-high water on flooded highway

Hurricane Harvey is one of the largest disasters in American history. Damage to the City of Houston and surrounding counties (Angleton, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, and Montgomery) will measure in the billions. Without urgent assistance, communities and businesses in those communities will be harmed for years—if not permanently. Because of this urgency, it […]

Houston Wrongful Death Law Firm

Silhouette of person grieving

Losing a loved one would be a time that brings great pain and difficulty to anyone. However, when that loss is the result of the negligence of someone else, the devastation can be even more difficult to bear. Have you have lost a loved one in an accident that someone else caused? You could be […]

Video Depositions

Lawyer conducting a deposition

A deposition is similar to a formal interview, and it is used to gain information and evidence that can be used for litigation. A specific time and place is agreed upon to conduct the deposition. Here the attorneys and clients from both sides meet, as well as a court reporter to make a record of […]


Red 18 wheeler truck driving on the highway

Lack of sleep is a common cause of big rig accidents and truck drivers are a huge concern for they repeatedly drive long distances while fatigued. The US Department of Transportation estimates that up to 28% of truck drivers could have sleep apnea. With a heightened awareness of the problem, regulatory precautions are likely in […]

Texas Protective Orders Laws

Parent raising their hand to child

In Texas, as in other states, protective orders are intended to protect individuals from abusive partners or others who may try to cause harm. Texas protective orders laws allow for both temporary (20 days maximum) and general (up to two years) protective orders, also referred to as “restraining orders.” Violating a protective order can result […]

Secrets to Getting a Fair Settlement for Your Injuries

Pile of cash money and a calculator

If you want a favorable car wreck settlement – one that compensates you adequately for your injuries, car damage, and other incurred costs – you need to be extra careful when navigating your claim. Specifically, you need to take steps to avoid these five major (but all too common) mistakes: SECRET #1: Conduct a complete […]

How To Be A Better Driver

Houston Traffic Commute

Every day I help people who are injured in car accidents. As a lawyer at The Pinkerton Law Firm, that’s what I do. But, as an accident lawyer and a person who sees the tragic repercussions of the carnage that happens on our roads every day, accident prevention is the far better solution. Can I […]


T-bone car collision

Few months ago, a couple – husband and wife sustained injuries after they got t-boned. After making sure they got all the treatment they needed, we were able to make the insurance company pay the entire insurance policy limits, which was over 10 times the amount the insurance company initially offered. The insurance company called […]