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ATV, Four Wheeler, and Off Road Vehicle

Risky Sport

ATV’s, or all-terrain vehicles, which are also known as off-road vehicles or four-wheelers, are vehicles known to be good for farm work and for sport. Many use them to handle small jobs on their land but also take them on recreational rides over dunes or ditches.

These vehicles can be ridden pretty hard, so it is vitally important that they are built rugged and ready for work. It is also important that the drivers take care with these vehicles. reports, “In 2002, ATV crashes resulted in 357 fatalities and 113,900 injured riders. The number of fatalities was up by 67% from 1997. The number of injured riders more than doubled in the same time period.”

Preventable Accidents

ATV accidents are preventable. Drivers, who are often untrained or inexperienced in driving ATV’s, fail to control their speed or they take the vehicles onto streets with traffic. They may also drink and drive or drive in poor weather conditions.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an ATV accident, you must seek legal counsel immediately in order to protect your long-term medical and financial outlook.

The Law

Bringing a lawsuit for an ATV injury is usually a suit based in negligence, whether it is against the ATV manufacturer or a driver of an ATV. The statute of limitations, which is the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit for the wrong, is two years from the date of injury.

Chad Pinkerton is experienced in handling ATV accident cases, and is trained to use his skill and experience to fight for you and your loved one’s rights – and to hold the right people responsible for the injury and losses. Chad’s medical training coupled with his legal expertise and experience make him the right representative to have on your side.

Money Damages

Recovery of money can include present and future medical bills and, depending on the facts of the situation, property damages, mental pain and suffering damages, lost past and future wages, permanent impairment/disfigurement, punitive damages, wrongful death damages and loss of enjoyment of life.

“Efficiency and economy imply employment of the right instrument and material as well as their right use in the right manner.”
United State Supreme Court Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis
St. Louis & Ohio Rail v. US

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