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Whistleblower / Qui Tam Lawsuit

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A large, strong, profitable company is usually made up of many different types of people making important decisions everyday. One wrong decision by a single person or a group of people can affect the many. When millions of dollars are at issue, it can be very tempting to make false claims regarding revenue or bids to the government.

However, many companies have become the subject of lawsuits and prosecutions when people who work for them become a “whistleblower” and disclose fraudulent reporting by the company. The term “whistleblower” usually means a person who reports fraudulent financial activity against the government. The money at issue with these types of companies often times reaches many millions of dollars.

Some whistleblower cases in the past include the following defendants: Bristol-Myers Squibb, General Electric, a Northrup Grumman subsidiary, Medicom, The University of Phoenix and even the FBI.

The Law

Under the False Claims Act, and its amendment in 1986, a whistleblower is entitled to substantial compensation if they report the fraud and become involved in the ensuing litigation. A claim under this Act is also called a qui tam action. This lawsuit involves the individual, or whistleblower, bringing suit on behalf of the government.

The whistleblower must have learned of credible information regarding a claim for or wasting of federal funds in a personal sense, and not from the newspaper or other public forum. The suit must involve substantial funds, must be non-frivolous and the whistleblower must be represented by counsel.

Money Damages

Recovery of damages comes in the form of a percentage of any funds recovered by the government – usually somewhere between 15 and 25%.
If you work for a large company and you have personal, credible knowledge of corporate fraud against the government, it is important to seek out the guidance you will need in order to right this wrong. Your next step is finding an experienced lawyer to protect your interests as you head into battle against the company.

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United States Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis
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