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Explosion Burn Electrocution and Fire Injury

Everyday Life Dangers

Experiencing a traumatic accident or injury that involves explosions, burns, electrocutions and fires is no longer a rare event in our society. With the arrival of cutting edge technical and developmental advancements, new products and work environments have been created, bringing with them new dangers and an increase in accidents.

New products involving electronics, batteries and fire also generate accidents resulting in serious injury or death. With the rise of the use of indoor and patio fireplaces or fire bowls, the risk of serious bodily burns have increased.

Negligent Work Environments

In the 21st century workforce, employment in many labor-intensive industries like auto mechanics, building construction, the oil industry, forestry, plumbing and the like can be profitable, but it can also be extremely dangerous. If a company does not properly establish safety guidelines or maintain and secure work areas, electrical lines, gas pipelines and other necessary elements in a work environment, serious injuries in the form of painful burns and even death may occur.

Electrocution is a significant cause of occupational death according to the Center for Injury Sciences at the University of Alabama, which performed a study by gathering information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries for the years 1992 to 1999. The study found that a large proportion of on-the-job electrocutions occurred in the electrical, construction and manufacturing industries. The study also found that most accidents happened to males from 20 to 34. The accidents occurred mostly in the summer, in the south and in companies employing 10 or fewer workers.

If you or your loved one suffered an injury, it is vitally important that you contact a competent attorney in order to secure a positive future financially and medically for the inured parties. Your lawyer should perform appropriate due diligence about the accident and those involved, create a formidable position for you, and use a strong approach prior to and at trial, or during settlement negotiation.

Negligence Suit, Statute of Limitations and Money Damages

The cause of action you or your loved one would bring after a traumatic injury such as this would likely be one based in negligence. This type of lawsuit must occur within two years of the date of injury or death.

Financial recovery can include present and future medical bills. Other potential areas of compensation, depending on the facts of the situation, are mental pain and suffering damages, lost past and future wages, permanent impairment/disfigurement, punitivedamages, wrongful death damages and loss of enjoyment of life.

Finding the right lawyer is the key to your being able to recover compensation for your injuries so that this one accident does not determine your financial or medical status for years to come.

“Litigation is the pursuit of practical ends, not a game of chess.”
Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter
Indianapolis v. Chase Nation Bank

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