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Brain Injury

Brain Injuries Affecting Lives

Loss of mental capacity or physical abilities because of a brain injury affects you and everyone in your life. Your work is affected, your relationships are affected – just getting the basics done everyday can be difficult. The value of having a sharp ability to reason and maneuver through life’s daily challenges is quantitatively immeasurable.

Every year, over 1.4 million people suffer brain injuries nationwide. Of those injured, 50,000 die, 235,000 are hospitalized and 1.1 million are treated and released. The leading causes of traumatic brain injury are falls, motor vehicle crashes, being struck by/against and assaults.

Head Trauma Symptoms

After any trauma to the head, if you are experiencing slurred speech, vision problems, impaired hearing, unequal pupil sizes, stiff neck or vomiting, seizures or a change of consciousness, you must seek immediate medical attention. As soon as possible thereafter, it is important you find a good lawyer who will work to protect your legal rights and financial future.

Finding Help

The level of brain injury can determine the level of recovery; however, even a mild brain injury may have long-term effects that are difficult to overcome. The chances of experiencing problems in the future after a more serious brain injury are very high, which means that medical and financial costs could be devastating. After suffering such an injury, getting the right lawyer to defend your rights and to recover compensation from the person responsible is crucial in order for you to secure a stable future.

Chad Pinkerton is experienced in handling brain injury cases, and is trained to use his skill and experience to fight for your rights – and to hold the right person responsible for your injury and losses. As your lawyer, Chad may refer you to crucial medical experts for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, which can help you legally and medically.

Chad’s background in medicine coupled with his legal expertise and experience make him the right representative to have on your side.

The Law Concerning Brain Injuries

Suing for a brain injury in tort (wrong conduct) is a personal injury claim. The statute of limitations, which is the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit for the wrong, is two years from the date of injury.

Money Damages from Brain Injuries

Recovery of money in a tort case can include present and future medical bills and, depending on the facts of the situation, mental pain and suffering damages, lost past and future wages, permanent impairment/disfigurement, punitive damages, wrongful death damages and loss of enjoyment of life.

“Efficiency and economy imply employment of the right instrument and material as well as their right use in the right manner.”
United State Supreme Court Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis
St. Louis & Ohio Rail v. US

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