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Cerebral Palsy

When Cerebral Palsy Didn’t Have to Happen

Cerebral palsy occurs when the brain is damaged before, during or shortly after birth. In many cases, the cause of the brain trauma cannot be determined and it is impossible to know what might have been done to prevent it. But in other cases, doctors and health care practitioners make mistakes that lead to brain damage in an otherwise healthy infant.
Malpractice Causes Cerebral Palsy When:

  • Seizures shortly after birth go unnoticed
  • Mistakes are made in prenatal care and in the delivery room
  • CPR is used improperly following birth
  • Forceps are used excessively
  • Complications arise from emergency C-sections
  • The infant undergoes certain testing–such as X-rays–shortly after birth
  • Other forms of negligence occur.
  • If your or your loved ones have been victim of such negligence, you must contact a cerebral palsy lawyer now!

When You Need to Take Legal Action About Cerebral Palsy

Five out of every 1000 children born in the U.S. suffers birth injury. If the injury was caused because the treating physician fails to adequately assess or respond to conditions or complications during pregnancy or delivery and results in a life-altering diagnosis of cerebral palsy, you need to learn more about your legal options. You need a cerebral palsy lawyer experienced in litigation to help you understand your rights so you can spend your time caring for your child.

In Cerebral Palsy Cases Several Parties Can Share Liability:

  • The doctor or team of doctors
  • The hospital, nurses and other care providers
  • A private practice
  • The manufacturer of a medication

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