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The Pinkerton Law Firm, PLLC

A History of Success

Pinkerton conference room nicely decoratedIn 2006, Chad Pinkerton founded The Pinkerton Law Firm, PLLC. The law firm not only handles cases in Houston Texas it also handles national cases. The firm handles a wide spectrum of cases including personal injury, mass tort, and family law.

Mr. Pinkerton is a trial lawyer. He has successfully tried many cases before a jury. In fact, Mr. Pinkerton has only lost one case at trial in his career. Given that most lawyers these days never even try a case, that’s no small accomplishment.

As a personal injury law firm, The Pinkerton Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars in fees for its clients. In the family law arena, The Pinkerton Law Firm is fast becoming a leader in Houston, specializing in large, complex divorces. Mr. Pinkerton’s experience as a trial lawyer makes him a scary figure in family law matters.

Houston Law Firm – A Beacon to Guide You

Mr. Pinkerton realizes that the legal business is a service. In that regard, clients always come first at The Pinkerton Law Firm. That means when a client calls, they get a return call. It also means that clients are not left in the dark, as they receive regular and periodic updates on their case. Finally, it means that every single client’s need is looked at and addressed in a professional manner. “A part of being a lawyer, at least a good lawyer, is to educate your client. Clients are generally smart. You just have to take the time to educate them on their case and the legal system. As a lawyer you also must spend time with you client. Get to know them. Understand their needs and wants. If you are going to do your job as a lawyer, this is a requirement. I take this very seriously. Every client gets the hands on attention they need at my firm,” said Chad Pinkerton.

Why The Pinkerton Law Firm?

Mr. Pinkerton is an aggressive attorney. He is smart. He is tough. He works hard. He takes each and every case in his firm personally. He is a born leader and fighter. There is no case to small or to big—if justice needs to be served, Mr. Pinkerton can and will do it. If you have a personal injury matter or a family law matter, you can stop your search now. Chad Pinkerton is your man. Call now and arrange a free consultation with Mr. Pinkerton or one of his lawyers.

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