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Arkema Plant fire in Crosby, Texas

Ready to Help Victims of the Arkema Explosion in Crosby, Texas

Photo credit: Houston Chronicle

In the early morning hours of August 31, 2017, a few days after Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area, Crosby residents were awakened by what sounded like loud explosions coming from the nearby Arkema Chemical plant. Not long after the explosions were heard, fires broke out at the plant, sending numerous first responders to the hospital and spreading smoke throughout the local community.

The Arkema plant had already been under about 6 feet of water from the rains unleashed by the hurricane, which had prompted officials the day before to establish a 1.5-mile evacuation zone. While it has been claimed the smoke emitting from the facility is a nontoxic irritant, an Arkema executive has encouraged anyone exposed to the smoke “to call their doctor or seek medical advice.”

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