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Airplane Accident

The Tragedy of Airplane Accidents

Airplane flights are usually safer than a drive in a car, but they can end tragically. Whether they occur in the air or on the ground, airplane accidents can result in serious injury or death and require legal action. If you need a Houston airplane accident attorney, the Pinkerton Law Firm is ready to fight for you.
Negligence in airplane construction and maintenance, landing strip monitoring, flight control or pilot decision-making is usually the cause of these devastating airplane accidents. The Federal Aviation Administration and the airlines have established important security protocols in plane construction and maintenance, piloting, and flight space and landing areas for high levels of air traffic; but when someone fails to follow regulations, airplane accidents occur.

Legal Issues After An Airplane Accident

If you or a loved one is an airplane accident victim, your situation requires immediate legal representation by an experienced airplane accidents lawyer. The statute of limitations for lawsuits in Texas after such a tragedy is two years. You need to act quickly to ensure that not only are you compensated as you deserve to be, but also that airline safety laws can be improved so that others need not suffer similarly.
The airline industry is prepared for the full range litigation resulting from possible incident, and you should be, too. It is crucial to find a good airplane accident lawyer with an understanding of airline safety regulations and experience in managing this type of litigation.

Financial Implications of Airplane Accidents

Financial recovery after an airplane accident can include:

  • personal property damage
  • present and future medical bills
  • mental pain and suffering damages
  • lost past and future wages
  • permanent impairment/disfigurement
  • punitive damages
  • wrongful death damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life depending on the nature of the incident.

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