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Houston Electrocution Attorney – Death and Electrical Shock Injury

When a person makes contact with a source of voltage high enough to cause sufficient current flow through the muscles or hair, electric shock occurs. If the current is strong enough, electrical shock may cause death, tissue damage or fibrillation.

Electrocution is the second leading cause of deaths for construction workers, but electrocution is not limited to any one industry. All energized power sources–from overhead and underground power lines to damaged receptacles and connectors–pose potential electrocution dangers.

Electrocution can occur due to:

  • Metal ladders, swimming pool equipment, gardening tools, or other equipment that comes into contact with overhead power lines
  • Accidental contact with exposed parts of electrical appliances, motors, transformers, or wiring
  • Children or pets biting or chewing on electrical cords
  • Poking metal objects into the electrical outlet
  • Downed power lines
  • Electrical wiring or appliances close to water
  • Altered and defective products

Who is to Blame for Electrocution?

Human error is a main cause of electrocution and electrical shocks. About 1,000 people in the U.S. die each year from electrocution. Many of these deaths are the result of work place accidents or faulty wiring, and they could have been avoided if proper procedures had been followed. Employers, contractors, and subcontractors can all be at fault.

  • *Employees and temporary workers need to be trained to have increased awareness of electrical hazards in construction and telecommunications.
  • *Construction companies, building code inspectors, architects, and electrical engineers must provide detailed and understandable plans highlighting lethal electrical currents.
  • *Companies producing sub-standard electrical products may be at fault in domestic electrocution and electric shock accidents.

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