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Dog Attack Leaves Victim on Life Support

Dog Attack Leaves Grandfather on Life Support

Some time ago, a Houston area man, Loren Maxey, went out to pick up his mail, his neighbor’s dog raced towards him and bit his calf. The injury occurred right near a bus stop where children. When the victim went home, his bite had become infected resulting in a trip to the hospital. He remains in critical condition after suffering this very serious injury.

According to family members of the victim, prior to this dog bite, the dog had attacked a five-year-old girl out with her grandmother. Under Texas law, owners of dangerous or wild animals can be held responsible when they attack. This is particularly the case when the owner knows or should have known that his pet was a dangerous animal. This year alone, more than two dozen people have died as a result of dog bites alone.

Animal attacks are very serious, resulting in significant injuries and sometimes death. If you or someone you know was a victim of an animal attack, such as a dog bite, contact a Houston personal injury lawyer with The Pinkerton Law Firm to learn about your rights to recover for your personal injuries.

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