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Frequently Asked Questions – Child Support

Frequently Asked Questions – Child Support


  1.            How is it calculated?

Child support is determined based on a percentage applied to the obligor’s monthly net resources. A person’s “resources” are more than just a paycheck. It can include, tips, bonuses, royalty incomes, rental incomes, and just about any income actually being received by a person.

  1.            Is the amount of support the same for each child where there are multiple children in a family?

The percentage applied to the obligor’s monthly net resources incrementally increases per child. For example, child support for two children is 25% of an obligor’s monthly net resources, whereas support for only one child would be 20% of his or her monthly net resources.

  1.            Is there a limit on the amount of support owed?

The maximum amount of monthly net resources from which child support can be calculated is $8,550.00 per month. So, if you are bringing in a net $10,000.00 per month and have one child you are obligated to support, your monthly child support payment would be $1,710.00 (20% of $8,550.00).


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