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Pedestrian Accident

Houston Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Houston Pedestrian Accident Attorney

While pedestrian mobility around Houston seems to be improving, with that walkability comes an increased risk of an incident with one of the millions of motor vehicles traversing Houston’s roadways. Just this week, on August 30, 2016, a pedestrian died when a pickup hit her along the 610 Loop in north Houston. While walking can be an effective way to exercise and to do one’s part in lowering carbon emissions in our city, it is not without risk.

Unfortunately, many pedestrians meet horrible fates on Texas roads due to the negligence, recklessness or carelessness of others. Negligent driving by others causes great harm to many pedestrians. If a car or SUV traveling at a high rate of speed crashes into a pedestrian, the lives of those walking or running are at serious risk. Pedestrians must be wary of defective roads, negligent or drunk drivers, all of which cause many pedestrian accidents. Roads built with very sharp or tight turns are risky for pedestrians. A pothole may not be big enough to affect a car or SUV, but the bicycle rider might be thrown off of his or her bike in such a case. When a pedestrian accident is caused by defective roads, the roads’ construction company may be at fault and held responsible for its negligence. In such a case an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer can help you to file a lawsuit against the construction or maintenance company.

Beyond many thousands of pedestrian injuries, pedestrian crash deaths are rising in the United States, while overall traffic deaths are declining. Because pedestrians are far less protected than those inside vehicles, injuries can be catastrophic if not fatal, involving traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, and hand injuries. In some cases, people suffer from burns due to the explosion of fuel tanks. The attorneys at The Pinkerton Law Firm, PLLC are pedestrian accident attorneys – we have experience representing clients with serious injuries from a pedestrian/car wreck.

When cars and other motorized vehicles collide with pedestrians, the results can be catastrophic. Pedestrians can suffer severe injury and even death at the hands of distracted and negligent motorists. According to Texas pedestrian law as described by the State of Texas’s Department of Motor Vehicles, drivers must exercise due care to avoid a collision with a pedestrian at all times; yield to pedestrians in crosswalks; stop or slow down before passing another vehicle stopped in a travel lane until the driver has determined whether that vehicle has stopped for a pedestrian; in the presence of a school crossing guard, wait for all persons including the guard to completely clear the road before proceeding.

However, both motorists and pedestrians can engage in behaviors that cause collisions. Pedestrians must use the sidewalk and the nearest crosswalk, pedestrian bridge or tunnel when possible; obey official traffic control devices; walk on the left side of the street facing traffic if no sidewalk is available; not cross an intersection diagonally unless the intersection is specifically designed for this. Common causes of Houston pedestrian accidents include a failure by drivers to check for pedestrians in crosswalks; drivers failing to stop at stop signs or lights; texting and other driver distractions; drivers choosing to make turns without paying attention to their surroundings; speeding; driving under the influence.

If you or a loved one has suffered catastrophic injury or severe injury or been killed during a pedestrian accident, it is critical that you hire attorneys who are experienced and know how to handle these specialized cases. The Pinkerton Law Firm has successfully handled many types of pedestrian collision cases and knows how to investigate and prove these claims. Many cases involve drivers drifting over or turning and not seeing that a pedestrian is to their right. Knowing how to reconstruct these cases is essential to getting the best possible recovery. We deploy investigators to look for surveillance footage and eyewitnesses who many times provide the missing piece of evidence that proves liability. We retain the right experts to explain the demands on pedestrians’  attention.

If you have been injured in an accident as a result of the negligence of others, call a pedestrian accident attorney at The Pinkerton Law Firm, PLLC for a FREE consultation at (713) 360-6722. Call a pedestrian accident attorney with The Pinkerton Law Firm, PLLC to zealously pursue fair compensation for the negligent driving that caused your serious pedestrian accident. The firm offers a free case review, free initial consultation, and we only get paid if you get paid.


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