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Flooding in Texas

Recent Flooding Expected to Bring Record Amount of Texas Flood Insurance Claims

Recent Flooding Expected to Bring Record Amount of Texas Flood Insurance Claims

Flash floods and heavy rains throughout Texas, specifically, Houston, Austin, and Wimberley, are expected to bring more flood insurance claims that likely have not been seen since Tropical Storm Allison swept through the Houston area in 2001. The storms that followed the Memorial Day holiday have affected the lives of thousands of Texans, and tragically resulted in numerous lives being lost and several still remain missing.

Following a storm such as this, many residents are left wondering how they will recover from the extensive damage suffered to their homes, personal belongings, vehicles, and possibly business. For those fortunate enough to be covered by flood insurance, there is hope for recovery. However, insurance companies have historically made the claims process rigorous and confusing for their insured. Also, your policy may require you to file your claim within a prescribed time and follow set guidelines laid out in your insurance policy in order to be entitled to compensation for your damages. Furthermore, your insurance may actually be provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which could require you to follow federal guidelines that require you to navigate your way through a bureaucratic process or risk losing your right to being compensated.

If you suffered flood damage as a result of the recent flooding in Houston, Austin, Wimberley, or elsewhere in Texas, please do not hesitate to contact the insurance lawyers at The Pinkerton Law Firm for a free initial consultation to review your insurance policy and help answer any questions you may have. Our lawyers have helped numerous clients recover the compensation they are owed from their insurance company following a natural disaster. More importantly, if your insurance refuses to compensate you for a valid claim, the lawyers at the Pinkerton Law Firm are prepared to take the fight to the courtroom and bring a civil claim against your insurance company for acting in bad faith.

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