Houston Hack Doctor Exposed

Jury Awards $Confidential In The “Impossible” Medical Malpractice Case

Dr. Horndeski is a local plastic surgeon. Dr. Horndeski performed 22 contraindicated surgeries on Confidential hands. The surgeries left him disfigured and disabled.

Despite laws in Texas that protect doctors, even notoriously bad doctors, Chad Pinkerton took the case.

The case was litigated for 5 years. But, finally Confidential got his day in court. The jury rendered a verdict of $Confidential plus pre- and post-judgment interest.

It was a landmark case that changed the perspective on medical malpractice cases in Texas.

“I guess the impossible is possible,” said Chad Pinkerton.

Before trial, Dr. Horndeski leaned over to Mr. Pinkerton and boasted that he had been sued 8 times and won all of them. After the jury’s verdict, Mr. Pinkerton leaned over to Dr. Horndeski and said,

“You are 8 and 1 now doctor.”

Houston hack doctor exposed

I guess the impossible is possible.
-Chad Pinkerton

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