Owner Dubs Death Of Worker The “Head Pop” Case

Pinkerton Pops Company For Confidential

Mindy Stewart and her husband, Thomas, just had twins. They also had one other child. Life was wonderful at the Stewart home.

Thomas was a yard-hand for a pipe manufacturer. Thomas left for work one morning, never to return.

Because the company cut corners on safety, Thomas’ head was crushed between the cab of a tractor-trailer and a pipe. He was killed instantly.

During the deposition of the company’s owner, the owner blamed Thomas, suggesting that he committed suicide.

“I have heard every excuse in the book, but this was a new low,” said Chad Pinkerton.

Spray can

You never know what will swing a case. A small can changed everything in this case. The company lied and lied about this can. But, we got the can. And, they were canned.

-Chad Pinkerton

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