Wolves Don’t Care What Sheep Think

Plaintiff lawyers must have a predator’s mentality. We are like wolves and must hunt for our kill. This is a game of survival of the fittest, except the pray in this game has all the advantages.

Big business and powerful insurance companies dominate the woods. They have bought the rules that govern the playing field.

But, the wolf must hunt on. The hunt is a search for the truth. The truth is often buried quite deeply, hidden by corrupt and dishonest companies and corporate leaders.

What the companies do not realize is they are the sheep. We, the wolves, will lay and wait. We will bide our time. We will strike when they least expect. And, we will eat the sheep.

Wolves kill to feed their family. A plaintiff lawyer’s family is his clients. A wolf cares for its family at all cost.

Despite the risk and despite the odds, a wolf never quits. A wolf need not live in fear because wolves don’t care what sheep think.

So, as long as wolves roam the forest, families will be protected.

Wolf staring into camera with snowy winter background

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